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Face-down Breathe EASY Pillow
Face-down Breathe EASY Pillow

Face-down Breathe EASY Pillow

Face-down Breathe EASY Pillow
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 Breathe EASY Face-down Pillows solve an age-old ergonomic problem -- how to sleep facedown without twisting your neck and body into unnatural and uncomfortable positions and still be able to breathe!

With the Breathe EASY pillow, both your head and your body are supported enabling you to sleep or rest in total comfort with truly facedown breathe-ability.

The Breathe EASY pillow is the most unique, multi-use, indoor-outdoor, washable pillow that you customize for your own personal comfort to enhance your relaxing experience. You will enjoy it poolside, at the beach, at home, when you travel, in bed, during a massage, while exercising or watching TV!.


 No more discomfort to your head, neck and back when receiving a massage or lying on your stomach. As the owner of the Breathe EASY pillow you're ready to sleep or rest comfortably truly facedown. Uniquely designed as a rest for your face and head while supporting your chest, shoulders and neck. With 12 different positions it is so versatile you will enjoy it in many different ways. The best part is you can customize your Breathe EASY pillow for your own personal comfort - and it's machine washable!


What is the difference between the 2 pillows? (YELLOW VS. BLUE)
1. The YELLOW Breathe EASY "OUTDOOR" pillow is for use in the sun & around water. The bright yellow color reflects heat. The pillow will absorb a small amount of water when it gets wet so it can even be used on a raft in the water.

2. The BLUE Breathe EASY  pillow is for serious stomach sleepers. It is more comfortable than the OUTDOOR pillow for lying facedown. It can be used like SquidFace™ however it will absorb more heat & water. THIS BLUE PILLOW IS OUT OF STOCK

Will I be able to breathe facedown?
Yes. Both pillows invoke a patented air-flow system that permits you to lie facedown comfortably without restricted air-flow for breathe-easy comfort.

Is it more than just a pillow for lying facedown?
Yes. Both pillows have many uses ranging from personal sun tanning to stomach sleeping to TV watching to side sleeping to aromatherapy to use in a car and even as a book rest.

What are legs for?
The legs or body supports are to keep you body ergonomically aligned. You can move them for the different uses

How do I use them?
The instructions included with your pillow explain the varied ways to shape them to enjoy them comfortably for different positions.

12 USES for Breathe EASY Pillows:

We've found 12 configurations for the Breathe EASY  pillow, although you may find more! Here they are:

1. Face Down Breathe-EASY Pillow:

Because of our patented airflow system, you can enjoy tanning or resting while on your stomach using your Breathe EASY pillow.

2. Adjustable Pillow for Relaxing:

You can easily enjoy your pillow indoors, outdoors at the beach or poolside, watching TV, reading, or just enjoying conversation with others while reclining.

3. Back of the Head / Neck Rest

You can customize your  pillow in 2 different positions to gently cradle your head & support your neck to prevent your head from rolling to the side if you fall asleep while lying on your back. These are also enjoyable positions to take a nap while traveling with the seat reclined or for exercising while lying on your back.

4. Side-Napping Pillow:

Your pillow can be enjoyed as a side-napping pillow so you can lie on your side in comfort.

5. Cuddle Pillow (on side, hugging body supports):

Your pillow makes a wonderful cuddle pillow. Lie next to your pillow and place the side of your head on the headring. Cuddle the body supports with them up against your body.

6. Under-the-Covers-Over-Your-Face Pillow:

Sometimes there is just too much light that keeps you from resting. Enjoying your pillow as a face cover keeps out light and still lets you breathe.

7. Ergonomic Travel Pillow:

Your  pillow is a wonderful companion while traveling in a car or an airplane. Plus, if you are ever delayed in the airport you will be the most comfortable traveler. Enjoy your pillow with your seat slightly reclined or simply place your  pillow behind your head, place the back of your head in the head ring and drape the body supports down both sides of your neck to be a neck pillow. This position prevents your head from rolling to the sides if you fall asleep. Try it leaning forward on airplane tray table, which allows you to stretch and change position.

8. Chair Pillow:

Your pillow can add comfort to sitting in your recliner or rocking chair. Simply connect the snaps as you would for the "UNDER-THE-COVERS-OVER-YOUR-FACE PILLOW".

9. Face Down Desk / Table Pillow:

If you ever need that quick, rejuvenating nap while at your desk or table simply enjoy as described in the "FACEDOWN BREATHE-EASY PILLOW". With your pillow on your desk or table you can rest for a moment and breathe with ease.

10. Book Rest:

Enjoy your pillow for a convenient, hands-free book holder.  Fold the body supports as you would for position #2'

11. Lap Tray:

If you want to just sit and enjoy a little cuisine your can get that plate of food closer to your mouth.

12. Beverage Holder:
When you are traveling or on an uneven surface your pillow becomes a beverage holder.

Carrying Your Pillow:
Weighing about a pound your pillow is very easy to carry. Just snap the body supports together around the handles of your beach or travel bag. Or place the snapped ends over your shoulder.

Caring for Your Pillow :
Your is machine washable.  Cold water, delicate cycle ONLY. Hang to dry. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE CLOTHES DRYER!

 Can I get the pillows wet?
Yes. The BLUE pillow absorbs more water that than the YELLOW pillow. Hang them to dry. 


"Due to the personal nature of the use of these pillows, they may not be returned or exchanged."
Please understand that with your new pillow there will be an adjustment period while you begin changing years of sleep behavior. With nightly use it may take a night, a week or even longer to customize your new pillow to find that perfect personal comfort. Please be patient. Read all the instructions and take your time learning your new pillow. These pillows are very unique and so is the comfort when you learn to customize it." One or two days will not make the adjustment. They do fill a need and fill it comfortably. It takes time.

This pillow is NOT A  LIFESAVING DEVICE. Children should use only when supervised by a responsible adult.

FDA Disclaimer:
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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